Get Ready for Your Commute with the Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF

The Dubai Metro map has changed since it was first introduced in 2009. With more lines being added and the city growing, it can be hard to keep track of where you’re going, especially if you’re new to the city or unfamiliar with the area you need to commute through. That’s why this Dubai Metro Map 2021 PDF has been made available as part of Dubai Metro’s new initiative to reach out to its riders and inform them about changes that will affect their commutes by 2021.

6 Things To Know About The Expanding Dubai Metro

Due to economic setbacks and growing populations, many cities in developing countries are being forced to expand their transit systems. The influx of these new stations is shaping transit-oriented development around them in ways that are fascinating to explore. Although most metro systems have been in place for decades—if not over a century—there is plenty to discover about their recent expansions. Here’s what you need to know about six brand-new metro stations from around the world

5 Best Trains On The Red Line

The Red Line is one of three lines that make up Dubai’s metro system. It connects some of the city’s most popular tourist attractions and brings you from one business center to another, making it a convenient mode of transportation. From 2017 to 2021, some stations will be shut down in order to accommodate new developments in downtown areas.

4 Best Trains On The Green Line

The Green Line is currently one of two lines in service, it runs between Al Qiyadah and Ibn Battuta. The line serves 27 stations, including 24 interchange stations. You can start at any station along the route, but you will get off at a different one if you’re not paying attention. Here are our four favorite stops on line 2: Business Bay, Oud Metha (next to Safar Centre), Ibn Battuta Mall, and Creek Park (Umm Suqeim).

3 Tips For An Easier Journey

Thinking about hopping on a train to work, but worried about how you’ll get around once you’re there? We’ve got your back! The following three tips will make navigating through station platforms and ride-sharing apps a breeze

2 Check Out What’s New In Terms Of Stations And Routes

While a few stations were added to routes 4 and 7, all of them will begin operating from July 1, 2017. They include Ibn Battuta, Nakheel Harbour & Tower, Al Maktoum Bridge/Dubai Creek Golf Club, Al Jafiliya Terminal 1 & 2 and Dubai Internet City. What’s more is that route 8 will now start from Burj Khalifa (Central Station) and terminate at Mall of Emirates. The map has been updated on June 22nd 2017.

1 Download the Free 2021 Dubai Metro Map PDF Today!

If you’re a regular user of public transit in Dubai, then you’ll know that keeping up to date on which lines are running and which stations have elevator outages is no easy task. The good news is that you can do just that – keep your finger on the pulse of your commute – using our free 2021 Dubai Metro map pdf!

A preview of what's to come in 2019?

As per the report shared by Emirates 24/7, over 50% of people living in Dubai use public transport to get to work. One of the best options is going to be carpooling on major roads from Burj Khalifa (Dubai’s tallest building) or Mall of Emirates to Emirates Towers along Sheikh Zayed Road or Financial Center Road. The road will be one-way but there will be dedicated lanes for motorcycles, cars and buses as well as footpaths for pedestrians.

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